Sunday, 9 February 2014

February 9 - Dorky

Today is Jaffa's 1st birthday! So of course she had to be my photo of the day. She was such a good girl to pose for this photo. I said I wanted a photo so she looked up at me, but the camera wasn't ready, so I told her to go back to what she was doing, and then when it was ready I told her to look up again. Isn't that such a model pose, glancing back over her should and staring intently into the camera!
I love my baby girl. She is becoming more and more affectionate, and she's almost as big as Bernie now, although I think Bernie is losing a bit of weight, which is good. Jaffa isn't a fat cat, she's just sooooo beautiful.
Yes I know I may be bias, and I realise that other people may think she's funny looking. Maybe she won't appear on any 'cute cat' calendars but frankly I think that's an oversight on the calendar company's part.
And I'll stop raving about my kitten now

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  1. KITTY! Happy Birthdaaay! When you get here remind me to get them some toys! <3