Thursday, 13 February 2014

February 13 - Dorky

Look what I did! I bought an art journal book today when I was at the shops. It cost me a whole $3! And I came home and did my first picture. No, it's not a Doctor Who thing. It's how I've been feeling. My legs feel so wobbly and wibbly, so I did all the wibbly wobbly lines behind the text, and it actually kind of helped me calm down a bit.
I still feel like I'm made of jelly, and I'm going to go to bed fairly soon I think, but I wanted to show you this! I hope you like.


  1. Helllo Wibbly Wobbly Woman! I loooooves it! :D Yaya it calmed you down! :D So if you are like me you'll go through these pages pretty fast :P D Heehee!
    I love the first art work! Amaaazing@!