Friday, 7 February 2014

February 7, 2014 (Cheeky)

I walked form home to Ikea in 30 minutes :D Also I think I might have walked a bit more than the 5 kms the app on the phone said :D :D :D I bought these boxes there, I want to get more! I need to throw out the old boxes I have! They are starting to annoy me! :P I need stuff to look better in my room... Even if I don't have money to do so! I need pretty stuff around me! 
Also the day went shit after that! I knew I should have stayed in bed in the morning. 
<3 Thank you for being there and listening to my anger and sadness and whatever I felt. 

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  1. Did I ever show you the drawers I got for my birthday? It's a set of 10 drawers on a frame with wheels, and they're rainbow colours. Very lovely! I'm using them at the moment to sort out things, but I think i'll be using them for storage, maybe for craft, in the future.