Thursday, 20 February 2014

February 20 - Dorky

Today Mum and I went to Wagga to listen to a talk about weight loss surgery. Basically they remove a whole chunk of your stomach and you're left with a stomach the size and shape of a banana. It makes you fill up a lot faster, it's safe, you don't get hungry, and if you eat chocolate cake you end up shaking and sweating and wanting to vomit.

All in all it sounds horrific.

I enjoy food, but it's not a comfort thing. I mean, ok, sure there are times when I will eat to make myself feel better, but I'm just as likely to play a computer game or buy a magazine. What I do with food is, it's my hobby. I enjoy the making of things, usually. Pouring over the cookbooks, imagining what to make, preparing the ingredients, trying to get it to look good on the plate (I always fail at that bit!). But while I admit that I really need to lose weight, I don't want to do it this way.

So after we went to the info session and I was panicking and feeling like I had to get out of there, we went and got Italian and I ate pizza. As you do!

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