Thursday, 27 February 2014

February 27, 2014 (Cheeky)

Soooo I was suppose to show Lara how to use Powerpoint, the problem was that the powerpoint was not on the laptop they had. And I hadn't brought mine over.... Cause it was heavy. Also the tram was being a bitch... It was raining all day and we got out at the wrong stop. A few times! Grrr! Anyway it was Lara's birthday on the 7th and we (I was with Feyza) decided to get her some presents. We got her this, and owl so she could make it. (Also another one with flowers to hang around...) And I am going to get one for you too of course :P It was fun to make, but mostly it was done by me and Feyza... Lara wanted to reeaaallly finish it, but yeah her motor skills are of an eight year old :P
And it was a good day!

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