Tuesday, 18 February 2014

February 18 - Dorky

I actually had a choice of two photos for today. Mum and I drove over to Wagga and we had to stop part way there so I could stop driving. I was starting to feel really sleepy (Stupid meds). When we stopped I looked down and this is of the side of the road. The gravel on the verge or whatever it's called.

The other photo might have been more amusing. When we were at Wagga I needed to go to the toilet, and when a cleaner saw me hobbling along with my walking stick he said that there was a line to the toilets and I could go to the disabled toilets or the parents' room. I thought I was going to the disabled toilets but I ended up in the parents' room, which has changing tables and a place for mothers to breast feed, and also a double toilet.


There is a small room, and it has a regular toilet in it and also a small one, for small people. So I guess parent and child can pee together!

Cracked me up and yes, I took a photo, but not posting it on here. I can email you if you want.

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