Wednesday, 5 February 2014

February 5, 2014 (Cheeky)

So 2 of these tapes were 69 cents! :D So these were the ones I could find in the store... I love em, they are 1 cm and 1,5 cm and 5 meters long! :D I also got pans (3 for 19,95) White Ceramic ones, 2 car glass cleaning stuff one for dad and one for brother, rose flowered scented bags and stickers. I think I named everything :P Tomorrow I am going to get more washi tape, if I can find them :P Yes I am obsessed!

Also the test I did today... I didn't learn for it, but I have a strange good feeling about it... So hopefully just enough answers right. I am thinking of retake though.... Right now I am watching an episode of a show called "Apperations" and will go back to reading for tomorrow!  I am almost finished with one more chapter, I have 1 chapter left! I will try my bestestestest!!! I don't want to retake this! :( I hope enough information went into my head!


  1. You know, I got some washi tape free with a craft magazine, but didn't really get more because I didn't know what to do with it. But since you started going nuts with it, I've been finding more of the stuff. I doubt I have any where near as much as you, but it's soooo pretty isn't it!
    Washiholics unite!!

    1. lol. Well i guess i will have to give you some :P