Friday, 21 February 2014

February 21, 2014 (Cheeky)

Aaaah Friday was suppose to be my study day and guess what!? That did not work out! Here I am in the waiting room with my uncle and grandma, she had an appointment. It was suppose to be at 3pm, but the doctor was busy so we finally got to talk to him 40 minutes later... Yes... Anyway grandma got 2 new meds for her bones and something else... And I was needing food and sleep, being awake since 8 am and only breakfast!
Oh and look at the painting on the wall! I love it! Poppies! <3

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  1. We always end up phoning our doctor before we go, because he usually ends up running late. Emergencies and all that. Sometimes it can be up to an hour, which is ok if you don't have anything else you need to do, but I can't ever arrange an appointment when I'm due to teach, because yeah. I could miss my class or something.

    Painting is pweedy!