Monday, 24 March 2014

March 24 - Dorky

Today I was with the Year 10 students and we went up to Narraburra lodge, which is a nursing home here. The kids visit every week, which is grand.

Anyway, there is this group that goes around selling books. They leave a display there, and you pay for the books and then come collect them later. I saw this book, which is soooo awesome, on sale for $20 (usually about three times that at least). So I put down my name and handed in my money. I'll get the book in a couple of weeks.

Then I got home and saw I had a present on my bed. It was all wrapped up in gold paper and a pretty bow. I unwrapped it and it was this book! Mum had seen it when she went to the dentist and bought it for me! So now I will have two copies. I might give the other copy to Lily. Sooo funny. Such a great book. I love she bought it for me though. :)

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