Wednesday, 19 March 2014

March 19, 2014 (Cheeky)

I had a bunch of pictures... Of classes and of voting related stuff... Instead I give you this! Cheesecake! It's half velvet cake and the other half cheesecake! So yummm!
I went to school and only had law class. Then I spoke with Nisha and we got cheesecake. After that I got home, slept and... had food, then did voted, did my legs and went swimming with Ebru.
I missed the TedxHagueAcademy... But at least I can watch the videos online :D Next time I will try to actually go! <3 It was about safety and security, since the summit will be here next week!

CHEEESECAAAKE! oh when you get here, we have to visit it! Okay!?

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