Saturday, 15 March 2014

March 15 - Dorky

Today we had a visitor come for dinner. The former Archbishop, Fr Frank. It's not as fancy as that might sound. He's been a family friend for years and years. Certainly longer than I've been in the family, that's for sure! He's a wonderful man, and so bloody cheeky. You'd probably get along well with him!

Anyway, I made a Moroccan style chicken stew for dinner and then made a crepe cake for dessert. This is the cake. I had never made either recipe before, but they both worked out really well. The crepe thing is layers and layers of crepes, with a chocolate coffee sauce in between each layer. Then there's more sauce poured over the top.

It's yummy! I'm already thinking of other ways I can adapt it, different fillings and so on. It's fun.

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