Tuesday, 1 April 2014

April 1 - Dorky

This is a jumper I'm knitting for my niece. We bought the wool a while ago and I've been plodding along with it, off and on for a bit now. I started it after I finished my fair isle hat earlier this year. It's growing, which is good, and it's interesting enough that I'm not falling asleep with it, but I'm already getting itchy needles! That's the term I've just this moment invented for when you want to move on to something else!

I was thinking earlier today that I bought wool on my last trip over to Holland as a souvenier and I've not done anything with it, so I have to use it before I go back. Hmm, might have to make some hats I think! Can't have enough hats. :)

If only I was allowed to wear them while I was teaching :( Oh well.

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